Simply amazing learn how an ex-con on skid row uses the internet to rehabilitates
Changing his life and the lives of others while becoming a millionaire at the same time he makes over 10 million dollars a month working from a pubic library!


My life has recently taken a turn for the worst well it actually started in October when I got laid off from my job as a pipe fitter apprentice things were Hard for me before but now I am facing eviction please  purchase one of my dollar items to help me keep my place I am begging but not with out offering something in return!

  I purchased these books with hopes of making enough to cover the 2 months worth of rent I am behind! So please help me out these books are only one dollar if I can SALE 900 for 1 dollar a piece before the week is out I will have almost the rent I owe!


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  Please please help me out with the purchase of this book you can email me at
to get the link for the download because I do not know how to link a page to this page after the donation is made!